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Smart Sprinkler System Technology

If you’re reading this, then it’s more than likely you’re in need of sprinkler system repair. Conserva Irrigation of SWFL, Inc. is the number one sprinkler system repair and installation company in Sarasota County, Charlotte County, Manatee County, Lee County and Collier County. We offer smart irrigation solutions to help you reduce water usage for irrigation while keeping a lush, green lawn all year long.

While there are numerous irrigation repair companies in our area, Conserva Irrigation is proud to be a nationally-backed franchise that offers the latest in innovative Toro® smart irrigation technology. Our goal, ultimately, is to reduce your water use for irrigation by 40% or more and help you maintain your sprinkler system all year long – this is extremely beneficial to your lawn due to the dry and rainy seasons here in southwest Florida.

Believe it or not, but nearly every single sprinkler system that’s been in operation for a few years, and hasn’t been properly maintained, is without a doubt wasting water. Think of how much of a workout your system gets during the dry season. Additionally, think of the lawnmower running over sprinkler heads and the intense direct sunlight your sprinkler heads and rain sensor are subjected to day after day, year after year.

So, What is Smart Irrigation Technology?

At Conserva Irrigation of SWFL, Inc., we only use Toro® Smart Irrigation Technology. The highly water-efficient Toro irrigation system includes three key components that communicate with one another to ensure your yard receives the perfect amount of water and not a drop more.

The primary component is the Toro EVOLUTION® Smart Controller. This device acts as the “brain” of the system. The EVOLUTION® stores over 40 years of weather data that’s specific to your yard’s exact location. Using this data, the controller is able to make very strong predictions regarding your yard’s watering needs. However, predicting the weather is just step one…

The second step is to actually assess the current weather. While you may be familiar with rain sensors, the Toro ET® is something else entirely. The ET® weather sensor takes into account the relative humidity, temperature, and even the current cloud coverage and relays the information to the EVOLUTION® controller. If it’s too hot outside for an efficient run of your system, the EVOLUTION® will pause the system. This autonomy is an incredibly effective means to reduce unnecessary watering of your yard. Additionally, it operates on the actual weather data present, therefore taking the risk of human error out of the equation.

The third component is the Precision™ Soil Sensor. This incredible device will actually assess the water-saturation levels in your soil and will relay this information to the EVOLUTION® controller. If there’s enough or too much water saturation in certain areas of your yard, the EVOLUTION® will keep these zones from firing while others are allowed to fire the next time the system runs a cycle. It’s phenomenally efficient and will ensure your entire yard gets the perfect amount of irrigation and not one single drop more.

Conserva Irrigation of SWFL, Inc. offers the most water-efficient options for sprinkler systems in our entire market. Our mission is to create water-efficient irrigation systems that allow you to reap the benefits of a gorgeous, lush lawn while saving money in the process.

In order to help you understand how much water your system is wasting and how we can rectify those issues, we offer a 100% FREE sprinkler system inspection. We’ll walk your entire property to analyze your irrigation system while it’s running. We are extremely thorough and will inspect every single aspect of your system.

We’ll check each individual sprinkler head and nozzle, irrigation lines, your rain sensor (if you have one) and your watering settings on your sprinkler system’s controller. The information acquired from the inspection will help us grade the efficiency of your system on a 1 – 100 scale, with 100 being a perfectly efficient system.

Through partnering with Toro®, we are able to offer the most advanced, water-efficient irrigation products available in the residential irrigation industry. We offer affordable solutions to a problem that is extremely prevalent – wasting thousands of gallons of water every year because of an inefficient sprinkler system. If you need irrigation repair, we’ll show you how we can upgrade your system to maximize its efficiency – for FREE!

If you’re looking to have a new irrigation system installed, we can provide you with a custom-designed irrigation system that’s tailor-made for your yard. We take nearly every detail of your property into account when designing your sprinkler system. We’ll account for soil type, the slope of your yard, water runoff rates, sun-level exposure and even the type of grass and vegetation in your yard. Conserva Irrigation smart irrigation systems typically use 40 – 60% less water than typical irrigation systems!

With Conserva Irrigation on your side, you can rest easy knowing your Port Charlotte, Florida irrigation system is:

  • As environmentally friendly as possible

  • More cost-effective than ever before

  • Maintained for peak performance by a company that delivers service second to none

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Our Southwest Florida Conserva Irrigation office covers all of Charlotte and Sarasota counties, including the following cities:

Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda Isles
Cape Coral
Deep Creek
Port Charlotte
South Gulf Cove
Boca Grande
North Port
Cape Haze
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Englewood Isles
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Siesta Key
Fort Myers
Bonita Springs
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When it comes to repairing your sprinkler system, while it may sound easy, it's something you should leave to the professionals. Correctly diagnosing your sprinkler system's problems and fixing them is actually more difficult than you may realize. On numerous occasions we have arrived at a customer's home to find their do-it-yourself repair job didn't actually correct the problem, in fact, it made it worse. Call the professionals at Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida for all your sprinkler repair needs.

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Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida provides sprinkler repair services to all residents and businesses. Our number one priority is to have your sprinkler system operating at peak performance, all the while reducing your sprinkler system's water usage. Finding the environmentally responsible balance between over and underwatering is something only the professionals can perform. With our access to high-quality Toro technology, your sprinkler system will operate both effectively and extremely efficiently - never overwatering or underwatering your lawn or flower beds.

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