What is the Total Cost of a Broken Sprinkler Head?

The answer depends on whether you’re referring to the monetary cost or the impact on the environment. However, the average broken sprinkler head wastes between 18 – 45 gallons every time the system runs. For a little more perspective, if you run your system every day for eight months, one broken sprinkler head has the potential to waste 10,800 gallons of water. What if you have three or eight broken sprinkler heads?

Broken or Busted Sprinkler Heads

Broken sprinkler heads are one of the most obvious signs there’s a problem with your irrigation system – so long as it’s in an area where you’ll notice it. Usually, a broken sprinkler head will result in a shooting geyser of water or a pooling of water surrounding the sprinkler head’s location. If you water your lawn at night, you may never see that the head’s broken, but your lawn will show the effects. If you’re noticing brown spots within your yard and know your system’s been running, then it’s time to call the irrigation repair experts at Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida. We’ll be able to fully inspect your system and have it back up and running properly in practically no time!

100% Free Sprinkler System Analysis

Through our 100% FREE sprinkler system inspection, we will determine all the areas of your system that need to be repaired. We’ll show you each trouble spot that’s wasting water and provide you with a written estimate for repairs. Our sprinkler system inspection process is unlike any other you’ll find in the irrigation industry. Valued at $150, we provide our inspections for free in order to help residents in our area learn how they can conserve water on their irrigation system. Call today if you’d like your sprinkler system inspected from top to bottom at absolutely no charge.

Fully Repairing Your Sprinkler System

No matter the type of sprinkler repair issues your system may require, you can count on the local experts at Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida to properly diagnose them and correctly repair them, the first time. Our highly trained irrigation technicians will inspect your entire system and check for any areas that are operating inefficiently. By conducting such an in-depth analysis of your system, we’ll ensure that we’ve corrected the root cause of your sprinkler system’s issues, not just the symptoms.

In most cases, we’ll be able to repair your sprinkler system the same day we arrive at your home. We carry all necessary equipment and replacement parts in our vans and trucks, so you won’t have to wait for a second, follow-up visit for your sprinkler system repairs. At Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida, we utilize the latest-and-greatest in smart irrigation technology by Toro®. So, we’ll replace your sprinkler system’s broken parts with the newest and greatest irrigation products in the residential irrigation industry.

Introducing Flat-Rate Pricing

Unlike most companies, we offer flat-rate pricing for almost all of our services. This provides you, our customer, with extreme transparency and clarity as to why you’re being charged what you’re being charged. Our flat-rate pricing offers you the ability to see the recommended repairs and it also ensures there are no surprises. Most irrigation companies in our area will charge your hourly rates with confusing billing methods. We stand behind our methodology and are proud to be able to do so. So, call the local irrigation repair experts at Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida for all your broken sprinkler head repair and replacement needs at 941-249-9690

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