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If we told you we could reduce your water usage for irrigation by 60% and have your lawn and landscape looking greener and maintaining a healthier root structure by retrofitting your sprinkler system, would you believe us? There are so many antiquated irrigation systems out there that waste thousands and thousands of gallons each and every year. If your system is old and wasting water, all it takes is one phone call to Conserva Irrigation to have your system optimized!

There’s So Much More to Your Lawn than Meets the Eye

It may sound oxymoronic to suggest your irrigation system can actually help in water conservation efforts, but it’s true. A truly water-efficient irrigation system will only irrigate your lawn when it’s necessary. Isn’t this much better than you hand watering your lawn or garden? What about that standalone sprinkler you leave on for several hours because you forgot to turn it off? The two aforementioned techniques are about as ineffective as it gets and still uses quite a bit of water. Smart irrigation technology allows for an autonomous irrigation system to make the decision of whether or not to power on your sprinkler system due to actual concrete data.

It also may surprise you to know that delivering the optimal amount of water, not too little and not too much, can help ensure your lawn’s root structure is healthier and will be able to endure the stresses of intense sunlight and summer heat. Your lawn is more than likely one of your favorite aspects of your yard – make sure it’s healthy by implementing a smart irrigation system.

Another surprising fact is that keeping your lawn and vegetation alive and well helps the environment in a multitude of ways.

  • Grass converts carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • The surface temperature of a yard iwht grass is, on average, 14 degrees cooler than bare soil on a sunny, hot summer day.
  • Grass roots actually filter out water contaminants before they make it into the aquifers.
  • Grass absorbs air pollutants for cleaner breathing.
  • Grass acts as a habitat for birds and insects that wouldn’t survive if it weren’t present.

With Conserva, your irrigation system can use 40 – 60% less water while keeping your lawn and landscape green, saving you money, and making a positive environmental impact.

Water Conservation Actually Starts Outside of Your Home

How many eco-friendly, low-flow, water-efficient appliances are in your home? Do you even know? Furthermore, do you know how much they help to reduce your home’s water usage? It may surprise you to know that your home’s irrigation system uses more water than anything inside your home. If you add up your sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets and washing machines, they still don’t come close to using as much water as your home’s irrigation system.

Short-Term Solutions to a Long-Term Problem?

A 7-zone sprinkler system uses, on average, 2,500 gallons of water every single time it runs. The water-using appliances in your home use about 100 gallons day, approximately. Using simple math, we can conclude that your irrigation system uses about 25 times the amount of your indoor appliances daily use in just one cycle. What if you run your system twice a day? What if half of the water used for irrigation is wasted due to broken sprinkler heads and inefficient watering times and durations?

Conserva Irrigation was founded on the principle that irrigation systems need to operate more efficiently. Smart irrigation is the answer to this enormous problem. Smart irrigation technology can reduce your irrigation system’s water usage by up to 60% and keep your lawn looking phenomenal all year long. This ultimately results in a lower monthly water bill and the conservation of one of our most precious resources.

So, Why is Water Conservation so Important?

While it may seem we have so much water that it will never run out, seeing as we’re surrounded by it everywhere – 70% of the Earth’s composition is water. However, of all the water on Earth, only 3% is fresh water and only 3% of that is accessible. That means a little less than 1% of Earth’s fresh water is accessible. Now do you see why water conservation’s important?

In addition to accessible freshwater being a rarity, it also costs money and energy to clean and reintroduce used freshwater back into our drinking water. Potable water is extremely important and cleaning it accounts for about 2% of all the energy used in the United States. This creates nearly 45 million tons of greenhouse gases that are introduced into the atmosphere. So, saving water on irrigation helps to reduce the need for energy used to clean and reintroduce that same water into drinking water. Saving water is also saving energy.

Water Waste Isn’t Always Obvious

Broken sprinkler heads, systems without rain or weather sensors, leaking lateral lines and incorrectly programmed sprinkler system controllers all result in wasted water every time you run your system. If you were to partner with Conserva Irrigation, your system would run smoothly and use less water while keeping your lawn green and vibrant.

At Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida, finding inefficiencies in irrigation systems is what we excel at. With water conservation as one of our primary focuses, we want to ensure that your home’s irrigation system is operating at peak performance, delivering only the necessary amounts of water to your yard. This will ultimately keep your lawn healthy, lush and green while saving you money and conserving water at the same time.

So, how can you do your part in water conservation? just call Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida for a free system evaluation. We’ll show you all the inefficiencies in your sprinkler system and provide you with a written estimate for the necessary repairs. Call us today at 941-249-9690!

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