Partners in Passion: Conserva Irrigation and Toro®

Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to have a sprinkler system and conserve water. While it perhaps seems odd that a sprinkler system repair and installation company focuses so heavily on water conservation, that’s exactly what drives us. Conserva Irrigation has partnered with the leader in the irrigation industry in innovative, water-effiicent residential irrigation products – Toro®.

Industry Leaders in Innovation

While nearly everyone in the United States is familiar with Toro®, you may not know that they’ve been involved in the irrigation field for over half a century. In fact, Toro has spent over 50 years perfecting the irrigation industry. Toro has developed, through the devotion of copious amounts of time, energy and resources, the most innovative irrigation technology in the residential sector. In fact, the level of sophistication in their smart irrigation products is something that’s rarely seen at the residential level; usually, this level of sophistication is only seen in commercial applications.

Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida only uses Toro® products in everything we do. Whether we’re replacing sprinkler heads, spray nozzles, sprinkler system controller, weather sensor or even your soil sensor, we only use Toro. However, it’s worth noting, this doesn’t mean we won’t perform service on your system if it consists solely of parts by another manufacturer. Our goal is to make as many homes’ irrigation systems as water-efficient as possible – saving homeowners money and reducing water usage across southwest Florida!

Want to Know What Smart Irrigation Technology Is?

The fundamental core of smart irrigation technology is to keep your lawn, landscape and vegetation looking lush and green all year long – while using up to 60% less water at the same time. You may wonder how this is possible – allow us to explain. Toro’s EVOLUTION® controller, ET® weather sensor and Precision™ soil sensor all communicate with each other in order to determine whether your system should power on, or if it should wait. This is all dictated by the current weather and soil saturation within different watering zones in your yard. Additionally, the smart controller can also dictate which zones should get powered on and which shouldn’t, as well as which zones should receive less irrigation in a day than another zone in the same system. This incredible level of autonomy will ensure that your lawn only gets the perfect amount of water and not one tiny droplet more.

Conserva & Toro®: Partners in Both Innovation and Care

If your sprinkler system is suffering from broken heads and leaking water lines, then it’s obviously going to be inefficient. You’ll notice this by the geyser of water that’s providing no benefit to your yard, whatsoever. However, if your sprinkler system is operating fine at the surface level, yet doesn’t have a weather sensor and the controller isn’t programmed correctly, your irrigation system is wasting water on a daily basis.

How many times have you driven past a sprinkler system that’s running when it’s raining? This is precisely the type of water waste we’re working to eliminate, one system at a time. When you look at it, from the granular level, wasted water will cost you more money (assuming your irrigation system uses city or reclaimed water). Conserva Irrigation is here to ensure your system uses less water, keeps your lawn lush and green and ultimately saves you money and conserves one of Earth’s most finite and precious resources.

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